Exclusively for ORCS and 'green-skins'

Original and unique models in limited editions

"In addition to my many passions for the Arts, from which I make a living (without any pension plan, ok, but what a life full of experiences!) , I spend the little time I have left to "stick little guys" as my family use to say: I practice MODELISM!

Since I was a kid, I have been dreaming of models: I have made hundreds of them, boats, planes, cars, tanks ... and then I started to make my own pieces with paper and cardboard, plaster or resin, to combine the various models available on the market, and create CONVERSIONS and DIORAMAS.

What I like above all is to make my own models, preferably huge and improbable machines with big wheels and monstrous engines. Therefore, I used a digital engraver to make my OWN BUNCH of pieces,

specific to the spirit of the orks and the 28mm wargames format, and I thought it would be nice to share this with many other modelers, especially the MEKANOS ORKS.



The worlds of Mad Max and the Orks of Wargames suit exactly my desires for lucubration. I like the humor as well as the "comic strip" and savage side of these quirky universes. "






Modèles d'exception-Tirages limités



Armored Car by Gotzork Resincast