A cult comic strip in Polynesia

Released in 2005, the first album of what will become locally a collection of cult comic strips, is proposed by illustrator artist Gotz: Pito Ma, the funny adventures of Pito and his friends. The main character, Pito, is a young local with a « cool style ». He is accompanied by Pua, the epicurean Paumotu; Bob, the "rastalynesian"; Lee Fou, the local Chinese; Georges the popa'a - aka Rimap (in reference to the French army corps, for he never returned to France after its military service). We must not forget their vahine, Meherio the beautiful surfer and the sweet and warm Hinano, amongst others...

Pito MaBandeau

Accompanied by Toerau in opus 6, 7, 8 and Marotea in opus 9, 10 and 11, the protagonists reveal their personality, which is constantly renewed, thanks to a staging of the stories, jokes, anecdotes and twists that we discover on every page. Full of ethnic authenticity with winks to the everyday scenes that we all already lived, at the shop, at the snack, at the beach, during a fishing trip or when driving our car, we  are delighted to follow the adventures of Pito Ma's protagonists, who reveal an authentic "Polynesian way of life" without filtering or retouching. A hymn to tolerance in a way, reinforced by the solidity of the ties that bring together all these characters, woven around a strong solidarity, reinforced album after album.

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In 2016, Gotz created "Pito Ma Tahiti Staïle", a brand of products derived from the comic strip. It consists in a range of 'FUN and LOCAL' products to support Pito Ma and Tahiti around you: stickers to decorate your fridge, guitar, surf and vehicle, t-shirts to be beautiful with a smile, posters to offer as gifts or to brighten up your house, and lots of other things.

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