"A self-taught and multifaceted artist, who has approached all forms of plastic expression, and shows a strong preference for painting."

Gotz paints with acrylic on thick canvases. His backgrounds, rich in textures and substances, are marked with lines, signs and drawings. His often transparent colors are contrasted and saturated, and his paintings offer several levels of reading, like superimposed images.

Inversely, he also paints landscapes in black and white using Indian ink on delicate papers.

Gotz has been exhibiting regularly since 1988 in France, Tahiti, New Caledonia, Switzerland...

Since 1991, he lives in French Polynesia, on Tahiti’s sister island Moorea, in the midst of the exuberant vegetation of the valley where he built his workshop. He regularly participates in international artistic events.

lllustrator of many books, he has written works on the Polynesian Tattoo, and is the author of several albums of "Pito Ma", a comic strip in which he sketches Polynesian lifestyle with humor. He also created "Pito Ma Tahiti Staïle", a fun brand of t-shirts and accessories.

Passionate about model making, he developed Gotzork in 2010, a craft factory of miniatures.








'Gotz, artiste peintre à Tahiti' TNTV Mana Culture 

CHINAGOTZ un documentaire de Odile Dufant et Gotz 2011

"Dans la tête de Gotz " préparation d' une expo de Odile Duffant  2012

 Gotz, retour de Chine de Odile Duffant 2011

O Fenua, encres de GOTZ O Dufant